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  • This Career Back 2 Women (CB2Women) programme is aimed at the women professionals who had a job in IT industry, but had to leave the same for some reason including pregnancy or taking care of aged parents / in-laws / sick people etc. to return to IT career with a bang. FISST has database with over 4 lac women, in various domain and expressed willingness to get trained into new areas to return to work & earn.
  • Back to Tech Track (BTCUBE) IT foundation module All Returning Professionals will have to undertake this and pass the exam to get to any of the specialization they opt to get back to industry. This is aimed at giving a complete update on the happenings in the IT industry in last 10 years essentially covering latest Jargons, Tools, Techniques, Security threats landscape etc. which will help them come to terms with existing technology / solutions etc. After BTCUBE IT Foundation module, there are 4 specialization stream / courses, available as choice to get back to work, will also be introduced with potential job opportunities and workload & demands for the women to choose the line they want to specialize. At the end of this module, a test will be conducted on Foundation Module + some basic testing of the line of specialization they choose.
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4 weeks
30th October 2022

Certified by

Certificate of Completion by IIT-MADRAS

Program Fee

₹17700.00 (inclusive of tax)


Program Description

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Education Qualification

For Indian Participants - Graduates or Diploma Holders (10+2+3) from a recognized university (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government) in any discipline.
For International Participants - Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institution in their respective country.

Suggested Prerequisites

Basic understanding of technology, networks and security, while not mandatory, will be an added advantage.

Teaching Hours


Lead Faculty

Pool of faculty from IIIT D&M and industry specialists

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Learning Schedule

Internet of Things,
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality,
Mobile Phone Technologies,
Autonomous Vehicles,
Big Data / Data Science

Automation (Homes, Software Development, etc.),
Software Engineering,
Web and Mobile Applications,
Artificial Intelligence

Cloud & Fog Computing,
Facial Recognition System,
Software-defined Everything,
Cybersecurity & Cyber Crimes,
Ubiquitous Computing

Computing (Parallel, Distributed, Concurrent, etc.),
Cellular Communications,
Wireless Communications,
Authentication and Privacy,

Terms and Condition

1. Please read through the PDD documents carefully and convince yourself about your abilities to complete the course before deciding to join the course and pay the fees. We also recommend you to visit the FAQ page of Digital Skills Academy website, regarding the details including program definition, certification, refund policies, etc.

2. The course dates proposed in the website are tentative and due to uncertainties due to Covid Pandemic & related lockdowns, there are likely delays. Digital Skills Academy (DSA) & FISST shall have the option to postpone/ reschedule or cancel a Course, if requisite numbers of students have not enrolled/ registered for the Course or for any other reason including non-academic and academic reasons. In such case of delays, as per institute policy, no refund of fees paid will be applicable.

3. The course contents proposed by faculty and the order of delivery can change, as per the latest evolution of new technologies/incidents or methodologies to keep the course contemporary. Overall, DSA & FISST will attempt to keep the proposed structure/delivery order the same and inform the students in the class, if there are any changes needed.

4. After successful completion of BTCUBE, Course delivery faculty/coordinator or DSA or FISST have rights to screen the candidates on the suitability by conducting the screening test/discussions before admission to any specialization and in case the students are not found suitable, such a decision by concerned faculty/coordinator will prevail always.

5. All candidates enrolled must fulfill the academic requirements specified and shared by the course faculty/coordinator in order to be issued the certificate by IIT-Madras. In case candidates do not meet the academic requirements, they will not be issued any certificate from IIT-M.

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