Certified Professional in Programming

7 weeks English

Program Description

  • To make the learner understand the basics of programming and bring algorithmic thinking

  • Make them learn Python programming Syntax and apply that using logic for problem statements

  • Learn Python programming till the advanced level of File handling, Read Excel Data using Python

  • Learn Database such as MongoDB and perform data operations on it using Python programming

  • Learn Various Data Structure and Algorithms, will apply it in real-time problem statements

  • Build a real-time project using Python, MongoDB applying relevant Data Structure

Program Fee

  • 26904 (inclusive of tax)

Educational Qualification

  • For Indian Participants - Graduates or Diploma Holders (10+2+3) from a recognized university (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government) in any discipline.
    For International Participants - Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institution in their respective country.

Suggested Prerequisites

Should know how to use Computer and Internet.


7 weeks


Certificate of Completion by IIT-MADRAS

Teaching Hours


Lead Faculty

  • Industry Professionals who has vast expertise in Programming

Course offered by

Learning Schedule

S.No Modules

Week 1: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab

History Of Python
Why To Use Python
Python IDE
PyScripter IDE
Hello World Program In Python
Numbers And Math Functions
Common Errors In Python
Assignment 1
Final Quiz


Week 2: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab:
Variables & Names
String Basics
More About Strings
Assignment 2
Conditional Statements
For And While (loop)
Assignment 3
Final Quiz


Week 3: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab
Programming - Where To Start
What Is Algorithmic Thinking
Sample Exercise Problems & Deriving Solutions
Bitwise & Boolean Algebra
Memory Management/Technologies
Stack And Heap
Quiz Assessment 1
Compiler Vs Interpreter
Best Practices: Keeping It Simple, DRY Code, Naming Conventions, Comments And Docs.
Quiz Assessment 2


Week 4: - 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab
Operators, Variables & Datatypes
Loops And Conditions
Nested Loop
Quiz Assessment 3
Euclid's Algorithm
What Is Algorithm Efficiency
Arrays, Recursion
What Is Time Complexity In Programs
Final Quiz
Quiz Assessment 4


Week 5: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab
Setting Environment Variables
Start The Mongo Shell
Creating Collections
Final Quiz
Introduction To MongoDB


Week 6: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab
Creating And Dropping Documents
Query Document
Query Document AND OR C
MongoDB Update Document
Final Quiz


Week 7: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab
Final Project, With Industry Experts Mentorship (All Lab Programs Happen In


Students Will Do 1-2 Projects (Each Project Should Be Done In 2 Weeks Sprint)

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