Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Approximate 6 months (Self Paced) English

Program Description

1. To provide an overview of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
2. Understand how Bitcoin Ecosystem works, Hash functions, their payoff chart and how these can be used while investing
3. Understand the basics of Public Key Cryptosystem
4. Learn about Digital Signatures (DSS), Keys, Bitcoin nodes
5. Master wallets, Elliptic Curve Cryptography
6. Thoroughly complete lab modules & projects for the above mentioned

Program Fee

  • 59000 (inclusive of tax)

Educational Qualification

A bachelor's degree from a recognized Indian university or students pursuing graduation
A passionate mind, learn cutting edge technologies to master Blockchain

Suggested Prerequisites

Basic understanding of programming, math (Bonus: Computer Science, IT)


Approximate 6 months (Self Paced)

Course Date

Combination of Ondemand + Live


Certificate of Completion by IIT-MADRAS

Teaching Hours

80 (30 hours of theory, 30 hours of lab, rest student independent learning)

Lead Faculty

  • Prof. Pandugrangan
    Chair IISc, IIT-M Computer Science Department 20 years of experience in Teaching

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Learning Schedule

S.No Modules
1 Module 0

Orientation & Mixer
2 Module 1 & 2

Financial Systems, Traditional Currency & Centralized Banking Systems (2008 Crisis)

Cardinal Canons Of Cryptocurrency: Decentralization

E-Cash, Hashing, Byzantine Agreement, Consensus Protocols, Blockchain
3 Module 3

Cryptography Basics: Hashing, Public Key Cryptosystem

Compression Functions, SHA, RIPEMD Families

Digital Signatures (DSS); Elliptic Curves, Message Authentication And Integrity

4 Lab

Public Key Cryptosystem, Cryptography

5 Module 4

Bitcoin Ecosystem

Bitcoin Peer-to-peer Network, Wallet, Address, Transactions, Blocks, Mining And Proof Of Work For Consensus, Blockchain, Testnets

Keys, Bitcoin Nodes

6 Lab

Workshop On Identifying 5 Use Cases; Business Perspective

Office Hours

Keys, Wallets, Bitcoin Nodes
7 Module 5

Transactions In More Detail, Outputs And Inputs



Practice On Testnet

Transaction Scripts And Components, Pay-to-public Key-Hash (P2PKH), Multisignature, Pay-to-script Hash (P2SH)
8 Lab

Blockchains (Preceding Module)
9 Module 6

Bitcoin Network Revisited: Node Types And Roles, SVP Nodes And Bloom Filters, Transaction Pool, Network Discovery, And Full Nodes
10 Lab

Blockchains (Preceding Module)
11 Module 7
Blocks: Structure Of A Block, Header, Identifier

Merkle Trees, Chaining Blocks To Form A Blockchain
12 Lab

Blockchains (Preceding Module)

13 Module 8

Mining And Consensus: Bitcoin Economics And Currency Creation, Coinbase Transaction
14 Lab

Blockchains (Preceding Module)

Proof Of Work, Difficulty Adjustments, Consensus Rules, Hard And Soft Forks
15 Module 9

Bitcoin Security And Blockchain Applications

Recent Directions And Developments
16 Lab

Project Showcase1
17 Lab

Project Showcase2

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