Port Management and Terminal Management

70 Hours of Theory and 7 hours of Case Study English

Program Description

1. To ensure a thorough knowledge and understanding of port and terminal management

2. To make students qualified and trained professionals as the country is looking forward to develop more ports of the east and west coast in India

3. To make the student understand and handle critical situation scientifically.

4. To learn about entire cargo work related to landing and distributing of ship as strict discipline diligence care & planning will have executed

Program Fee

  • 29500 (inclusive of tax)

Educational Qualification

A bachelor's degree from a recognised Indian University or students pursuing graduation

An employee with minimum one year experience in Shipping & Logistics

Suggested Prerequisites

Basic Knowledge about import & Export Process


70 Hours of Theory and 7 hours of Case Study

Course Date

Students will have to complete the programme within 90 days after registering for the course.

Lead Faculty

  • Prof. Bobin jos, Prof. Unnikrishnan, Dr. Rajan Babu and Mr. Jude Vallabadas

Learning Schedule

S.No Modules
1 Introduction
2 Logistics Services
3 Port Operations
4 Container Terminals
5 Cargo Work
6 The Stevedore
7 Ship
8 Cargo

Terms & Conditions

To avail 1000 + Additional Learning Hours
60000+ Self Assessment Tests and Quiz Bank
To attend plenty of Live Classes by experts in Banking and Finance every day