Program Description

At the end of this Course, the participants will be able to:

  1. Master the fundamentals of Python
  2. Work with Lists and Tuples
  3. Write Python functions for reusability 
  4. Work with JSON data
  5. Use Python to Read and Write MS Excel file
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4 weeks

Certified by

Certificate of Completion by IIT-MADRAS

Program Fee

₹1999.00 (inclusive of tax)


Program Description

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Teaching Hours


Lead Faculty

Mr. Arun Prakash (Founder and CTO of GUVI)

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Learning Schedule

Beginner Level
1. Why to use Python?
2. History of Python
3. Python IDE
4. PyScripter IDE
5. Hello World program in Python
6. Numbers And Math Functions
7. Common errors in Python
8. Current Level – Assessment (MCQ & Programming Round)
9. Real-time practice program

Player Level
1. Variables & names
2. String basics
3. More about strings
4. Conditional Statements
5. Functions
6. For and While (Loop)
7. Current Level – Assessment (MCQ & Programming Round)
8. Real-time practice program

Hunter Level
1. Functions as arguments
2. List, Tuple and Dictionaries
3. List Comprehensions
4. File Handling
5. Debugging elements breakpoints watch and step in
6. Debugging step in step out
7. Debugging watch variables
8. Class and Objects
9. Current Level – Assessment (MCQ & Programming Round)
10. Real-time practice program/projects

Pro Level
1. Lambda, Filter and Map
2. Python pip
3. Read Excel Data in Python
4. Python MySQL
5. Iterators
6. Pickling
7. Python_JSON
8. Current Level – Assessment (MCQ & Programming Round)
9. Real-time practice program/projects

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