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INFACT is a strategic initiative and has been set up to cater the manpower requirements and upskilling of the exponentially growing Finance sector in India. It has been significantly contributing to the BFSI sector, INFACT is also in process of training existing BFSI professionals. The BFSI Industry is backed up by a huge wealth of diversity and almost every vacancy created in a bank incorporates some sort of banking element such as law, accounting, investment banking, taxes, public relations, customer relationship management, etc. Moreover, a career in banking is international in nature and several of the international and private banks set up in the country have opened up opportunities for the deserving candidates. Infact Pro Trainers will stand here as a bridge enabling the candidates to fulfil their dreams in the BFSI sector also upskilling the capabilities of the existing workforce.

Faculty Members

  • Mr. V. Jayaraman
V. Jayaraman, a banking and software professional, has 22 years of banking domain experience and 19 years of IT experience as domain banking specialist, business analyst and internal trainer. Conducted training, soft skills and motivational sessions on various aspects of banking including risk management in banks.
  • Mr. M. Venkatakrishnan
Mr. M Venkatakrishnan, a renowned banking professional, having 34 years experience in industries such as Banking, Finance, Accounts, Market Research, Shipping and Marketing as been in a designated role in many banking institutions where he has provided various training and management sessions.
  • Mr. M. Ravindran
M.Ravindran, a qualified professional, with cross functional experience of more than 13 years experience in Banking and Finance sector, has provided operations and training session for various banks and NBFCs
  • Dr. S. Balaji Iyer
Balaji Iyer, a veteran in the banking industry, has 21 years of experience in the sector, holding various positions from Deputy Manager to Country head. As the Managing Director of BSV Fincorp, a consulting company for Corporate funding, he has supported more than 75 corporates since 2014, and addressed the financial needs of their businesses. When he realised that several students lacked practical knowledge and training when it came to job placement, despite pursuing graduate courses in various areas of commerce, banking or finance, he was motivated to establish Infact Pro Trainers Pvt. Ltd and offer affordable courses to improve financial literacy. As the Managing Director he has led the company to emerge the preferred training partner for the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector.
  • Mr. Iyappan Jayaraman
Jay is a seasoned professional with Twenty plus years of corporate career and five years of full time corporate training. He holds an MBA in Finance and a Masters degree in Commerce. His wealth of knowledge is acquired through business operations, consultancy and change management advisory services to Stock Exchange, Investment Bank, Asset Management Company, Global Custodian and Commercial Bank(s).
  • Mrs. S. Supritha
Mrs. S. Supritha, started her career in currency trading twenty years back. Currently she’s handling equities market. Conducting seminars and Technical analysis and oversees the technical analysis department of Finmarts. Conducted over 25 Investor Awareness Programs organized by FINMARTS. Topics covered include Basics of Stock Market, Investment Psychology, Commodity Markets, Basics of Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies using Futures and Options.
  • Mrs. Rekha Ramanadhan
A qualified & competent professional with vast exposure of 20 years across various sectors that includes Banking, Insurance Mutual Funds Training, Content Development, E-Learning, Sales, Recruitment, Marketing & Business Development, Customer Service & Customer Relations.
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