Program Description

  • To make the learner understand the basics of programming and bring algorithmic thinking
  • Make them learn Python programming Syntax and apply that using logic for problem statements
  • Learn Python programming till the advanced level of File handling, Read Excel Data using Python
  • Learn Database such as MongoDB and perform data operations on it using Python programming
  • Learn Various Data Structure and Algorithms, will apply it in real-time problem statements
  • Build a real-time project using Python, MongoDB applying relevant Data Structure
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7 weeks

Certified by

Certificate of Completion by IIT-MADRAS

Program Fee

₹26904 (inclusive of tax)


Program Description

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Education Qualification

  • For Indian Participants - Graduates or Diploma Holders (10+2+3) from a recognized university (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government) in any discipline.
    For International Participants - Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institution in their respective country.

Suggested Prerequisites

Should know how to use Computer and Internet.

Teaching Hours


Lead Faculty

Industry Professionals who has vast expertise in Programming

Course Offered By

Learning Schedule

Week 1: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab

History of Python
Why to use python
Python IDE
PyScripter IDE
Hello World Program in Python
Numbers and Math functions
Common Errors in Python
Assignment 1
Final Quiz

Week 2: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab:
Variables & Names
String basics
More about Strings
Assignment 2
Conditional statements
For and While (loop)
Assignment 3
Final Quiz

Week 3: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab
Programming - Where to start
What is Algorithmic Thinking
Sample exercise problems & Deriving Solutions
Bitwise & Boolean Algebra
Memory Management/Technologies
Stack and Heap
Quiz Assessment 1
Compiler vs Interpreter
Best Practices: Keeping it simple, DRY code, naming Conventions, Comments and docs.
Quiz Assessment 2

Week 4: - 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab
Operators, Variables & Datatypes
Loops and Conditions
Nested Loop
Quiz Assessment 3
Euclid's Algorithm
What is Algorithm efficiency
Arrays, Recursion
What is Time Complexity in Programs
Final Quiz
Quiz Assessment 4

Week 5: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab
Setting Environment Variables
Start the Mongo Shell
Creating Collections
Final Quiz
Introduction to MongoDB

Week 6: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab
Creating and Dropping Documents
Query Document
Query Document AND OR C
MongoDB Update Document
Final Quiz

Week 7: 2 Hrs Theory & 4 Hrs Lab
Final Project, with Industry experts mentorship (All lab programs happen in


Students will do 1-2 projects (Each project should be done in 2 weeks sprint)

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