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BAP Executive is a course focusing on the processes related to Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable / Recording & Reporting of Transactions. This course helps in understanding the documentation and processes involved while performing transactions in Finance & Accounting.

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8 Weeks
30th October 2022

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Certificate of Completion by IIT-MADRAS

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₹ 9558.00 (inclusive of tax)


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Lead Faculty

Mr. Ganapathy Nagarajan from Artha Vidhya

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Learning Schedule

SSC/N9001-V0.1 (Manage your work to meet requirements)

SSC/N9002-V0.1 (Work effectively with colleagues)

SSC/N9003-V0.1 (Maintain a healthy, safe and secure working enviro)

SSC/N9004-V0.1 (Provide data/information in standard formats)

SSC/N9005-V0.1 (Develop your knowledge, skills and competence)

SSC/N2303-V0.1 (Pay invoices and claims)

SSC/N2302-V0.1 (Process invoices, credit notes and claims)

SSC/N2305-V0.1 (Maintain customer accounts)

SSC/N2304-V0.1 (Deal with queries at the accounts payable helpdesk)

SSC/N2306-V0.1 (Generate invoices and credit notes)

SSC/N2307-V0.1 (Receive payments and apply cash)

SSC/N2309-V0.1 (Deal with queries at the accounts receivable helpdesk)

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