Program Description

  • Introduction to Mutual Fund Industry & its Structure
  • Know about different types of Mutual Fund Products like Liquid fund, Debt fund, Equity fund, ETF and their features
  • Understand the Regulatory Framework and the Role Of SEBI
  • Learn about the Offer document of a Fund and the key aspects of Investor Services function
  • How Taxation works for different categories of Funds
  • Understand the scope Mutual Fund Performance.
  • Introduction to Advanced Mutual Fund Terms like Mutual Fund Structure, Products, Risk Management, Valuation & Accounting, Scheme Evaluation & Legal and Regulatory purview
  • Learn about Advanced Financial Planning model to know how to design an ideal portfolio for an InvestorKnow how to distribute Mutual Funds and the Best Sales Practices as proposed by RegulatorUnderstand the Investor Protection guidelines.
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12 weeks

Certified by

Certificate of Completion by IIT-MADRAS

Program Fee

₹8850 (inclusive of tax)


Program Description

Program Brochure

Sample Certificate

Education Qualification

A bachelor's degree from a recognized Indian university or Students pursuing Graduation

Suggested Prerequisites

Basic understanding of the Indian Stock Market and Mutual Funds

Teaching Hours

15 Hours of Theory and 3 hours of Case Study

Lead Faculty

Mr. Iyappan Jayaraman and Mr. P. Balasubramanyan
(Both are Senior Academicians with more than 30 years of experience in Teaching)

Course Offered By

Learning Schedule

Introduction to Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds structure

Products & Features - Overview


Offer Document & Investor Services

Debt Funds

Liquid Funds

Exchange Traded Funds

Equity Funds


Performance of Mutual Funds

Financial Planning

Introduction to Advance MF & its Keywords

Financial Planning Advanced

Mutual Fund Structure - Advanced

Mutual Fund Products- Advanced

Investment & Risk Management

Valuation of Schemes & Accounting

Fund Distribution & Sales Practices

Investor/Investment Services

Scheme Evaluation

Legal & Regulatory

Investor Protection

Questions & Answers - Mock Test

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