Program Description


    • To provide an overview of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
    • Understand how Bitcoin Ecosystem works, Hash functions, their payoff chart and how these can be used while investing
    • Understand the basics of Public Key Cryptosystem
    • Learn about Digital Signatures (DSS), Keys, Bitcoin nodes
    • Master wallets, Elliptic Curve Cryptography
    • Thoroughly complete lab modules & projects for the above mentioned


Course enrollment data

Learning Format



Approximate 6 months (Self Paced)

Certified by

Certificate of Completion by IIT-MADRAS

Program Fee

₹59000 (inclusive of tax)


Program Description

Sample Certificate

Education Qualification

A bachelor's degree from a recognized Indian university or students pursuing graduation
A passionate mind, learn cutting edge technologies to master Blockchain

Suggested Prerequisites

Basic understanding of programming, math (Bonus: Computer Science, IT)

Teaching Hours

80 (30 hours of theory, 30 hours of lab, rest student independent learning)

Lead Faculty

Prof. Pandugrangan
Chair IISc, IIT-M Computer Science Department 20 years of experience in Teaching

Course Offered By

Learning Schedule

Module 0

Orientation & Mixer

Module 1 & 2

Financial Systems, Traditional Currency & Centralized Banking Systems (2008 crisis)

Cardinal canons of Cryptocurrency: Decentralization

E-Cash, Hashing, Byzantine agreement, Consensus protocols, Blockchain

Module 3

Cryptography Basics: Hashing, Public Key Cryptosystem

Compression functions, SHA, RIPEMD families

Digital Signatures (DSS); Elliptic curves, Message authentication and integrity


Public Key Cryptosystem, Cryptography

Module 4

Bitcoin Ecosystem

Bitcoin peer-to-peer Network, Wallet, address, Transactions, Blocks, Mining and proof of work for consensus, Blockchain, Testnets

Keys, Bitcoin nodes


Workshop on identifying 5 use cases; Business perspective

Office Hours

Keys, Wallets, Bitcoin nodes

Module 5

Transactions in more detail, outputs and inputs



Practice on Testnet

Transaction scripts and components, Pay-to-public key-Hash (P2PKH), Multisignature, Pay-to-script Hash (P2SH)


Blockchains (Preceding module)

Module 6

Bitcoin Network revisited: Node types and roles, SVP nodes and bloom filters, transaction pool, network discovery, and full nodes


Blockchains (Preceding module)

Module 7
Blocks: Structure of a block, header, identifier

Merkle trees, chaining blocks to form a blockchain


Blockchains (Preceding module)

Module 8

Mining and consensus: Bitcoin economics and currency creation, coinbase transaction


Blockchains (Preceding module)

Proof of work, difficulty adjustments, consensus rules, Hard and Soft Forks

Module 9

Bitcoin security and Blockchain applications

Recent directions and developments


Project Showcase1


Project Showcase2

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