Program Description

1. To develop managerial skills and lay the foundation in different aspects of Maritime Management
2. To give an exposure in finance, budgeting and commercial aspects of shipping
3. To ensure that the student understands the importance of the chartering practice
4. This subject enables the student to practice moving of bulk cargoes
5. To get employment in multination trading companies as in-house broker are high
6. To work in ship owning companies as owners broker
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Learning Format



70 Hours of Theory and 7 hours of Case Study

Program Fee

₹23600 (inclusive of tax)


Program Description

Program Brochure

Sample Certificate

Education Qualification

  • A candidate who has completed HSc or its equivalent

  • An employee with minimum one year experience in Shipping & Logistics

  • Suggested Prerequisites

  • Basic Knowledge about import & Export Process

  • Lead Faculty

    Dr. Rajanbabu, Prof. Bobin jos, Prof. Unnikrishnan and Prof. Rajendran

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    Learning Schedule

    Module 1- Introduction

    Module 2 - Logistics Services

    Module 3 - Chartering

    Module 4 - Arrived Ship

    Module 5 - Vessel at port

    Module 6 - Selecting the ship

    Module 7 - Documents collecting to chartering

    Module 8 - Process of Chartering

    Module 9 - Essentials of Logistics

    Module 10 - Essentials of Logistics

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