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1.To develop an understanding of the key concepts applied in Logistics and Supply Chain management 2.To highlight the importance of globalization and how it is impacting the countries across the globe 3.To highlight the importance of all activities of the supply chain and an understanding of concepts like inbound and outbound logistics, offshore and inshore logistics 4.To highlight the various complexities involved in the international business 5.To highlight the various types of risks in the global trading and how these risks could be minimized
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70 Hours of Theory and 7 hours of Case Study

Program Fee

₹29500 (inclusive of tax)


Program Description

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Education Qualification

A candidate who has completed HSc or its equivalent

An employee with minimum one year experience in Shipping & Logistics

Suggested Prerequisites

Basic Knowledge about import & Export Process

Lead Faculty

Prof. Bobin Jos, Prof. Unnikrishnan, Mr. Jeyaraj and Prof. Rajendran

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Logistics Services

Freight Forwarding

Multimodal transport & Cargo Mangement





Essentials of Logistics

Case Studies

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