Program Description

1. To enter as management trainee to major liner companies
2. To understand the full operational morality in liner shipping in order to raise from a trainee to managerial level
3. To ensure that trained and educated professional are provided to the company where he/she is employed
4. To eradicate professional forming the soil and error methodology and to provide thorough bread professionals
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Learning Format



70 Hours of Theory and 7 hours of Case Study

Program Fee

₹23600 (inclusive of tax)


Program Description

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Sample Certificate

Education Qualification

A candidate who has completed HSc or its equivalent

An employee with minimum one year experience in Shipping & Logistics

Suggested Prerequisites

Basic Knowledge about import & Export Process

Lead Faculty

Mr. Jude Vallabadas, Prof. Bobin jos, Prof. Unnikrishnan and Prof. Thiyagarjan S

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Logistics Services

Introduction to Liners trade

Liner Services

Troubleshooting Techniques


INCO Terms

Full cycle of containers

Essentials of Logistics

Case Studies

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